Our story so far..


On the 11th of November 2012 at 7.02pm Aubree was bought into the world via emergency c-section weighing 6lbs 7ozs, a little bundle of cuteness. After a 52 hour back to back labour she was in major distress and her heart rate dropped with every contraction. Aubree had inhaled her meconium, she was born grey and floppy, she didn’t cry. No doctor checked her for any signs of damage after birth and after 4 days in hospital we were sent home.

The first few months flew past in a blur of feeds, no sleep and napping when possible, soon enough we got into the swing of things and we we happy. When Aubree turned 1 it was noted by health visitors that she didn’t tick all of the boxes, not any of them in fact. I had never worried about it, I always hated the pressure health professionals put on kids to learn everything at certain ages, to me it was just she would do it when she was ready. We was referred to a paediatrician for a full review.

At 15 months old we was told that Aubree appeared to have a very severe 4 limb motor disorder and severe global developmental delay. He told us Aubree would be very unlikely to walk and talk,and cognitively she sould alwas remail a child. The months after this earth shattering news went by in a haze of brain scans, blood tests, genetic testing and intense physio and occupational therapy sessions.

Aubree has a lot of issues, and carries a heavy burden, but she is the brightest soul I have ever known. She handles everything that is thrown at her with the strength of a warrior and the grace of a princess, I’ve made this blog to show that despite any struggles we may face, life is so enriching, I want to show that children like Aubree can live fulfilling lives despite their disabilities. I want to give hope.




Our story so far..

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