Friends, and how they vanish.


Friends don’t often hang around when you have a special needs child. Everyone walks their own paths through life and life is busy for everyone, it is often 10 times as busy for parents like us. Keeping in touch with people is very hard and I’ll need at least a weeks notice to make plans to meet up with anybody,and even that depends if we have any free days.

I have a friend, who goes out of her way to be there for us, no matter how many times I’ve had to reschedule due to appointments. Friends like her understand what we’re going through and truly care about us and my families wellbeing. Never underestimate the value of family and good friends, they are there for us through thick and thin, when I can barely cope, and when I am ploughing through fighting for what we need to make things okay.

Friendship now is simple, I have filtered out a lot of people. People who are not willing to be part of our complicated life, and that’s fine, I wish them well. I’ve got my family and few friends that may as well be family, and that’s perfect for us.

Friends, and how they vanish.

One thought on “Friends, and how they vanish.

  1. Grace says:

    I know how true this is and I know it is so easy to get annoyed at peoples lack of understanding of your circumstances. Sixteen years later, we have a much smaller and completely different group of people as support. All I can say is keep doing what you are doing, my frustrations was why I started writing, to make a difference in some way, and all we can do is keep going.

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