A Crocodile Full Of Hope.



Aubrees never shown emotional attachment to a toy before, she shows preference when playing she’ll choose what she wants but she’s never got the emotional side of wanting a toy to cuddle, if she had something that didn’t make a noise or light up she wasn’t interested!
Until this little crocodile came on the scene. We went to a Wildlife Park a little while ago and we always buy a little something from the gift shop whenever we go somewhere like that, and we always try to let her choose. Well everything there was too little and fiddly or fragile or was a stuffed animal that did nothing, so we thought we’ll just grab something and that’ll be our momento for that trip. I was looking at the Ty toys and picked up an owl and a crocodile, both of which we’d seen that day, and offered both to Aubree so she could choose. Now normally at this point she’ll show mild interest and then swiftly lose it preferring to nose at what other people are doing. She deliberately reached for the Croc and had a good feel of the material (with lesser seen fine motor skills woohoo!) and would not let him go, so of course we bought him.

Since then he’s been everywhere with us, to town, to the vets with our cat, supermarket shopping, Physio, hospital, he was even there when she had her surgery and MRI in April. She’s grown so attached to him words can’t even explain how happy that makes me, I’ve never seen her cuddle anything like this, and it might sound ridiculous but to make a connection like that takes some level of cognition and it’s just so wonderful to see. His name is Pippin and he’s here to stay 😊

A Crocodile Full Of Hope.

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