The Next Time You…

The next time you……tell the kids to be quiet, to shhhh, to stop talking, as they are driving you mad with the contestant ‘mum’ ‘mum’ ‘dad’ ‘dad’ remember, you are blessed. I would give anything to hear a voice, a word, to hear my name being yelled, called, shouted – I wouldn’t care as long as she said ‘mum’.

The next time you……have to tell them to hurry up & get dressed, again & again, constantly repeating yourself just remember, you are blessed. Such a simple task yet, it can’t be done, having an almost-4 year old, like a newborn, the battle to get dressed, the time it takes, the amount of changes & the certain way in which you have to do it.  Wouldn’t it be easier if she could do it herself? 

The next time you……have to chase after them, go and fetch them as they’ve ran off & are running about causing havoc just remember, you are blessed. That is a huge huge wish, to see her walking, aided or not.

The next time you…….moan & get upset about a cold, chickenpox or a cut knee just remember, you are blessed. What I would give for a small simple curable illness.  One that doesn’t effect everyday life, one that doesn’t constantly need more & more medications.

The next time you…….have the odd sleepless night just remember, you are blessed. Lack of sleep for anyone is awful, but consistent lack of sleep is horrendous.  Being exhausted every single day, without a break & a chance to catch up on sleep.

The next time you……go on a family outing, where the kids are excited, maybe playing up a little, running round and enjoying themselves just remember, you are blessed. Seems so easy doesn’t it, yet for us it’s endless amount of planning, strict time scales, between the busy places, loud noises, meltdowns & crying.

The next time you…..go to the doctors or hospital and moan about the wait just remember, you are blessed. Having your own parking space at hospital so to speak isn’t the greatest feeling, the constant appointments, the constant negative conversations, the tests, the poking & prodding, the hospital stays, what I would do to take it all away.

The next time you……are sitting with your children, give them a kiss, a cuddle, hold them close, be thankful for what you have & how blessed you are.

The next time you…..see a child with additional needs, remember they are the little superstars fighting huge battles, an inspiration to us all.

The Next Time You…